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Why Performance Pickleball?

Performance Pickleball offers an unparalleled pickleball experience where cutting-edge technology, USDA-certified coaches, and equipment come together to elevate your game.
Our facility is climate controlled with temperature & humidity checks, outstanding LED lighting to see even at night, and incredible isolation with no wind, sun in your eyes, or distractions from the outside world. Private parking is directly outside for easy access to this private facility.

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Experience Our State of the Art Facilities

Featuring an advanced video replay system with multiple high-definition TV cameras surrounding the court to provide an accurate gauge on court tendencies. This live court feed allows you to improve your gameplay, while providing your coach a tool to assess necessary adjustments. Better yet, our instant replay system can have your session’s recording saved for you— allowing you to improve your game from virtually anywhere.
In addition, our facility offers a state-of-the-art ball machine (The Lobster III) which ranges 10-60 MPH speeds and 2-12 second intervals and feeds both sides of the court.

Private Parking Lot

Video Replay System for HD Game Replays

10-60 MPH Pickleball Machine for Practice

Heated/Air Conditioned

Simple Per-Hour Pricing


  • 55min Gameplay
  • Up to 4 Person(s)



  • 55min Gameplay
  • Up to 4 Person(s)


Single Lesson

  • PPR-Certified Coaches w/ court fees


Doubles Lesson

  • PRR-Certified Coaches w/ court fees


3 or 4 Person Lesson

  • PRR-Certified Coaches w/ court fees


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