Liability Waiver

Those booking are required to review and accept the following Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk as part of court booking.
In consideration of being permitted to use the facilities, the person booking acknowledges and agrees to the following:

1. The person booking, including family and guests, will abide by all rules, policies and procedures regarding use of Facilities and participation in activities;
2. In consideration of my use, I COVENANT NOT TO SUE and agree to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS their directors, officers, agents, and employees from any and all causes of action, claims, demands, losses, or costs of any nature whatever arising out of or in any way relating to my use of the facilities. I hereby certify that I have full knowledge of the nature and extent of the risks inherent in the use of the Facilities and that I am voluntarily assuming the risks. I understand that I will be solely responsible for any loss or damage, excluding death, I sustain while using the Facilities and that by this agreement, I am relieving the Directors and Owners of any and all liability for such loss, damage or death.
3. In consideration of my involvement at Performance Pickleball, I agree to release and on behalf of myself, my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators and assigns, HEREBY DO RELEASE Performance Pickleball, their directors, officers, agents, and employees from any cause of action, claims or demands of any nature whatsoever, including but not limited to, a claim of NEGLIGENCE, which my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, and assigns may now have, property damage or loss, death or accident of any kind, arising out of or in any way related to use of the facilities whether that use is supervised or unsupervised, however, the injury of damage is caused, including but not limited to the NEGLIGENCE of Performance Pickleball, their directors, officers, agents, and employees. “NEGLIGENCE” means (1) failing to do something that a reasonable person with similar training, skills, and experience would have done to prevent a foreseeable injury or damage; (2) doing something that a reasonable person with similar training, skills or experience would not have done because of the risk of causing a foreseeable injury or damage. If, despite the agreement of this release, a lawsuit is brought against Performance Pickleball, its Directors, Officers, employees, agents, and affiliates in relation to participation in court activities, I agree to pay for any and all court costs and attorney’s fees incurred as a result of such litigation with venue in Atlantic County, New Jersey.
4. I further certify that I, my family and any guests in my trust are in good health and have no physical limitations that would preclude safe use of the facilities.
5. I further certify that I am of lawful age (18 years or older) and otherwise legally competent to accept this agreement. I further understand that the terms of this agreement are legally binding and I certify that I am signing this agreement, after having carefully read it, of my own free will.
6. I agree that if any provision of this release is found to be unenforceable or invalid in any way, the remaining provisions will remain in force and effect.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and rescheduling is NOT permitted within 24 hours of the appointment time. No exceptions will be made.